A long history which the Costantini and the Billiani families have in common, who in the ‘50s shared together with other partners an entrepreneurial adventure by establishing a furniture factory in a territory dedicated to the production of chairs.

Since that time many things have changed but the values, the challenges, the dreams and the ambitions who guided these men remained unchanged and are still present in the players of this new project. The lowest common denominator stays in the capacity of know-how and the desire to realise products which are expression of innovation of materials and production process in order to propose them to the market through our vision of a life style.


The rediscovery of a noble material such as wood, proposed through the exaltation of its texture combined with the innovation of forms and production process.


Different materials, such as plastics, steel, woods and fabrics with a single common denominator, the mexaltation of their finishings combined with endurance.


The manufacturing capacity of our suppliers is fundamental due to the variety of materials included in the collection that succeed in expressing the productive skills of know-how and desire to achieve.


Colors are the most tangible aspect of this new collection; colors of elegant shades together with textures and shapes are the distinguishing features of this collection.